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Nardi Spa, founded by Giampietro Nardi, is a family business of Italian origin specialized in the manufacture of outdoor furniture.

Nardi Furniture

Its products are mainly aimed at wellness and relaxation areas, and although there are points of sale throughout the world, all the processes that take place in its supply chain take place in Italy.
Buy Outdoor and garden furniture Nardi ONLINE

Buying outdoor and garden furniture Nardi online is impossible from its official website, which means that in order to purchase these products you must access our catalog of manufacturers in SOCBOU and have a look at the Nardi furniture elements that we put at your disposal in our online store (since we do sell them directly online).
Nardi Chairs

The Nardi chairs stand out mainly for their innovative and relaxing style, which makes them the ideal solution for those outdoor spaces intended for leisure that pretend to be decorated with furniture elements that infuse peace and tranquility to everyone who watches and uses them.
Nardi Tables

Nardi tables are made with the highest quality resin, colored in mass and treated against UV rays. This means that their colors and finishes will not be ruined despite adverse weather conditions, even if they are placed in salty coastal environments.
Nardi Stools

Nardi stools are made using a blend of the above-mentioned thermoplastic resin, cushions, synthetic and glass, in addition to a palette of very striking colors that offer unparalleled sensations.
Nardi Deck chairs

Finally, the Nardi sun loungers are the ideal solution for those spaces where visitors will be offered a place to lie down to enjoy the relaxation, peace and tranquility.

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