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Pilma, formerly PLM Design, is one of those brands specialized in the manufacture of interior design and decoration furniture that does not look like most.

PILMA Design Furniture

With more than 80 years of history and a few beginnings marked by the start of the tourist boom, Pilma is currently one of the most prestigious companies in the sector in Barcelona.

Formerly called PLM Design

PLM Design arose as a result of the disappearance of numerous companies in the sector due to the lack of a national product of the same level that could be imported from Europe. It was at that time when the directors of the company decided to create this brand, whose main task was to import furniture of an incredible quality from Europe to market it in Spain.

Buy design furniture, furniture and lighting Pilma ONLINE

From the SOCBOU website, you can buy the vast majority of the products that PILMA sells and manufactures: furniture, lighting, kitchen, outdoor products and a whole host of accessories of the brand.


The sofas that can be found in Pilma, although they are not too many, stand out for offering a beautiful visual appeal at the same time that their materials allow a great amortization thanks to their quality.

PILMA Chairs

Pilma chairs (and also their stools) offer a wide variety of different styles, allowing the client to find exactly what they are looking for regardless of their needs.

PILMA Tables

Finally, the Pilma tables that can be found in their online catalog are, mainly, from abroad. Although some models are focused on interior decoration, mainly the tables destined for outdoor open spaces predominate.

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