3 seater sofa Ibiza Ormos Sofas

Sofa 3 seaters Ibiza Ormo''s born with the idea of offering a product covering a broad spectrum of markets from a classic and traditional line up modeling

Información sobre el producto 3 seater sofa Ibiza Ormos Sofas

95 x 210 x 92h cm
Seat height: 44cm
Sofa with frame made entirely of pine wood quality.
Base covered with certified polyurethane foam.
Spring suspension zig zag reinforced webbing NEA.
Seat cushions 30 HR density fiber coated with a mixture of feather and chopped or HR and viscoelastic sheet.
Back cushions and ornaments in flock 1st quality and removable.
Packing measures:
1,436 m3
To clean the upholstery always have several options, Soc Bou recommends:
Vacuuming. Before using upholstery cleaners, vacuum the couch or chair to remove the maximum amount of surface dirt and dust. Use the right accessories to avoid damaging the upholstery: a soft brush is ideal.
Only clean the dirty part. With baby wipes or thick microfiber cloth moistened with vinegar, gently rub visible stains.
Clean everything. With a microfiber cloth moistened with soap and water, gently rub the sofa and allow the liquid to soak into the material to clean the dirt beneath the surface. Use little water, not saturate the material.
Allow to dry. Some people use a hair dryer to dry faster the couch, but let it dry is the best choice, provided you have enough time. If you need to speed drying, open the windows and let the breeze helps to dry faster.

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