Sofa 3 places Newy 9893P Beltá

Sofa Newy 9893P from Beltá, designed by Sergio Muñoz Design. Newy has been designed to fit the needs of our times.

Información sobre el producto Sofa 3 places Newy 9893P Beltá

221 x 90 x 86h cm
Seating height: 42 cm
Newy has been designed to fit the needs of our times taking into account all the details of the product and the manufacture of upholstered furniture. It presents a contemporary aspect thinking in all kinds of spaces whether in the home or public environment, contract. Its wide seated and its dimensions have been developed always thinking comfort without leaving aside the aesthetics. The shape defines an asymmetric line that provides an innovative, modern and elegant character.
1. Solid and brushed pine wood structure, with the edging of the friction zones to prolong the life of the suspension, formed by elastic band Nea with quality guarantee 10 years, covered with foams of 30 and 60 kg / m3, .
2. Seat cushions with main foam block 35 kg / m3 H.R, with a top cover at extra soft 25 kg / m3.
3. Backrest pillow with special foam T20-10S high density, specially developed for use in large pillows back, with a great recovery that maintains the aesthetic and ergonomic shape. All coated with siliconized fiber 400 gr / m2 with a support 100% micro fiber extra soft.
Fully removable pillows.
4. Solid beech wood legs.
If you want a different configuration than the tab of this product, go to the contact section, we will be happy to serve you and offer you all possible alternatives.
Package dimensions and weight:
1.4 m3 / 55 kg
For maintenance, Socbou recommends cleaning the surface of your item with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning product. We recommend the use of non-polluting cleaning agents. Then dry carefully.

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