Plus 0630 plafonnier Vibia




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Possibility of funding this product in 3 months interest or more installments if desired. To view different periods press the green tab to access the contact form, for periods of three months, choose to checkout, installment buying.
Ø35 x 16h cm.
Does not include installation.
Symmetrical pattern ceiling, designed by X. Claramunt and M. Mas. Distribution of direct, diffuse and uniform light. Convex methacrylate diffuser and matte white lacquered finish although you can paint the entire volume in the desired color, and fully integrating with the roof. Its large size makes it ideal for illuminating large areas from a single point and its shape resembles a real skylight. With adjustable electronic ballast (DALI System)
Controllable electronic ballast (DALI system).
Acrylic diffuser.
1 x 55W 2GX13 (T5C)
Not included.
Size and weight of packaging:
0.084 m3 / 3.4kg
The accumulation of dust in fluorescent bulbs, lamps, etc. greatly diminishes its luminosity, thereby wasting energy. Therefore it is essential to use at least once a year a correct cleaning of luminaires and accessories. The savings that can be achieved in domestic lighting is up to 20%. The steps that follow are Socbou recommends the following:
At all times we must act with caution to avoid accidents. The first thing you must do is turn off the light and turn off the power. We must wait for the lamp to be clean is cool for two reasons: to avoid and prevent burns when handling explode when it is still hot.
Once out of its holder the dust with a soft clean cloth. To completely remove dirt can prepare a mixture of water and denatured alcohol equally or a mixture of water with a little ammonia. After moistening a cloth with one of these two preparations, it passed gently across the surface.
Before replacing the lamp again in its holder must wait until it is completely dry to prevent short circuits. Finally, once in place can be connected again and proceed to light on.
In addition, also they have to maintain good clean screens and lampshades, which must preferably be light and translucent colors to stop spending most light possible.

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